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Brexit News Video Embed List

    1. Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on free movement after Brexit
      Duration: 0:35

    2. 'The Brexit sceptics were wrong' Boris tells businesses
      Duration: 42:35

    3. Nigel Farage doubles down on claim Tories bribed Brexit party candidates
      Duration: 1:24

    4. Would the Lib Dems campaign to re-join the EU after Brexit? Iain Dale asks Jo Swinson
      Duration: 4:06

    5. Boris Johnson denies any offers of peerages to Brexit party
      Duration: 1:19

    6. Brexit Party MEP: Remain is better than PM's deal
      Duration: 7:39

    7. Farage: 'Inducements offered' to get Brexit Party to stand aside | ITV News
      Duration: 2:43

    8. Farage: Brexit Party candidates threatened and offered jobs to stand down against Tories
      Duration: 0:49

    9. Boris Johnson denies knowledge of harassment and job offers to Brexit Party candidates
      Duration: 1:29

    10. Nick Ferrari labels Remainer "breathtakingly arrogant" for his claims on Brexit
      Duration: 2:30

    11. In full: Boris Johnson on ‘getting Brexit done’ and Brexit Party intimidation claims | ITV News
      Duration: 11:02

    12. UK Election 2019: Brexit and the NHS dominate election campaign debate- BBC News
      Duration: 13:35

    13. Brexit will leave UK a 'second-rate player', says Donald Tusk
      Duration: 1:42

    14. How Brexit's Leave and Remain alliances are shaping the election | FT
      Duration: 20:49

    15. Watch again: Nigel Farage delivers Brexit Party speech in Hull
      Duration: 1:03:00

    16. Brexit: MPs block Prime Minister’s bid for early election – BBC News
      Duration: 6:53

    17. Donald Tusk urges British voters not to 'give up' on stopping Brexit
      Duration: 2:47

    18. UK General Election: Brexit Party will not stand in Tory seats – BBC News
      Duration: 5:55

    19. Boris Johnson to try for 12 December election - BBC News
      Duration: 7:12

    20. Campaign Live: Nigel Farage speaks at Brexit Party candidate launch in Hull | ITV News
      Duration: 1:02:23