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Extradition Video Embed List

    1. Hong Kong’s extradition law explained
      Duration: 1:48

    2. How Does Extradition Work?
      Duration: 2:52

    3. Peter Vincent on extradition treaties and international law
      Duration: 4:13

    4. LIVE: Protesters march against extradition bill in Hong Kong

    5. Hong Kong’s controversial extradition law amendment plans
      Duration: 2:33

    6. Why Hong Kong residents fear plans for extradition law
      Duration: 1:24

    7. The Pulse Special:Proposed amendment of extradition laws: discussion with Philip Dykes, HK Bar Assoc
      Duration: 21:38

    8. How extradition works or doesn't | Fugitives Next Door
      Duration: 1:58

    9. Hong Kong: why opposition to extradition law runs deep
      Duration: 2:42

    10. Vast protests in Hong Kong over China extradition laws
      Duration: 0:50

    11. Hong Kong lawyers hold silent march against controversial extradition bill
      Duration: 1:36

    12. Hong Kong: Is extradition to China really off the table? | DW News
      Duration: 3:36

    13. Indefinite delay to Hong Kong extradition bill announced
      Duration: 1:38

    14. Aerial images: Huge anti-extradition law protest in Hong Kong | AFP
      Duration: 1:00

    15. The Pulse:Extradition & rendition laws amendment: discussion with Anson Chan & student action on cli
      Duration: 21:38

    16. Hong Kong protests: 'No one safe' under extradition - BBC Newsnight
      Duration: 5:09

    17. Hong Kong protests against extradition law | DW News
      Duration: 3:41

    18. More than a million protest in Hong Kong over extradition laws
      Duration: 4:16

    19. Hong Kong Protests | Why Are People Protesting Against China Extradition Law?
      Duration: 1:43

    20. Chinese extradition bill spurs mass protests in Hong Kong
      Duration: 4:19