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Fran Lebowitz Video Embed List

    1. Fran Lebowitz Tries to Not Talk About Her Netflix Series with Martin Scorsese
      Duration: 7:16

    2. Fran Lebowitz speaks out on #MeToo, gun control and Trump
      Duration: 11:34

    3. Who's afraid of Fran Lebowitz? | all about women 2018
      Duration: 1:03:12

    4. Real Time with Bill Maher: Fran Lebowitz - Giuliani and Racism (HBO)
      Duration: 7:56

    5. Author Fran Lebowitz on the stuff she hates, 1978: CBC Archives | CBC
      Duration: 6:04

    6. LOEWE Conversations | Fran Lebowitz & Gracie Mansion
      Duration: 1:18:09

    7. Fran Lebowitz Knows the One Thing Republicans Are Better at Than Democrats
      Duration: 3:30

    8. The Enviable Loft Fran Lebowitz Has Never Liked
      Duration: 3:49

    9. Jimmy Stole Fran Lebowitz's Apartment
      Duration: 3:59

    10. Fran Lebowitz Doesn’t Have an iPhone Because Yours Will Do, Thank You
      Duration: 4:06

    11. A Cynic Looks at Childhood (Fran Lebowitz)
      Duration: 29:01

    12. Fran Lebowitz on QTV.
      Duration: 21:32

    13. Grabbing Back: Women in the Age of Trump | all about women 2018
      Duration: 58:06

    14. Jesse Eisenberg Unveils His Limited Edition Action Figure
      Duration: 4:41

    15. Shailene Woodley on Boyfriend, Flip Phone & Big Little Lies Spoilers
      Duration: 9:26

    16. Fran Lebowitz Knows What to Do with All Those Empty Oligarch Apartments
      Duration: 5:10

    17. On Ballet: Fran Lebowitz and Nick Mauss | Live from the Whitney
      Duration: 1:50:32

    18. Fran Lebowitz Wants Everyone to Love Hillary Clinton Now
      Duration: 3:00

    19. Fran lebowitz

    20. Fran Lebowitz Interview on Charlie Rose
      Duration: 27:32