Han Seo Hee

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Han Seo Hee Video Embed List

    1. YG Steps Down / Who is Han Seohee?
      Duration: 4:55

    2. Han Seohee (한서희) Instagram Live 2 [190429]
      Duration: 9:09

    3. [BLACKPINK NEWS] Controversial Idol "Han Seo Hee" Reveal Dance Practice For BLACKPINK Song
      Duration: 2:49

    4. Yang Hyunsuk Resigns from YG / WINNER Seunghoon, BI, Han Seo Hee 2nd Round
      Duration: 10:22

    5. Dispatch revealed WINNER Seunghoon, Han Seo Hee & Yang Hyun Suk involvement in B.I drug case
      Duration: 4:59

    6. Why is Han Seo Hee's Latest Video Getting So Much Attention?
      Duration: 3:01

    7. Han Seo Hee tried to stop B.I buying drugs + reacts about involvement
      Duration: 3:55

    8. Han Seo Hee praised for being smart and reversed everything around
      Duration: 2:12

    9. Han Seo Hee admits Yang Hyun Suk threatened her to shut up about B.I drug buying
      Duration: 2:20

    10. Han Seo Hee Makes Fun of Bigbang T.O.P And His Pen★s On Live Stream
      Duration: 2:13

    11. Han Seo Hee can’t seem to stay out of C0NTR0VERSY
      Duration: 1:44

    12. Han Seo Hee Ridiculed On Audition Program Because Her Facial Expressions
      Duration: 2:05

    13. Han Seo Hee was NEVER a trainee from YG Entertainment, agency claims
      Duration: 1:45

    14. The truth of Han Seo Hee disclosing YG? (한서희 폭로에 이어 이승훈 연루까지)
      Duration: 1:54

    15. Han Seo Hee reveals the reason why she hates EXO-L
      Duration: 1:58

    16. Han Seo Hee responds to reports of Yang Hyun Suk influencing her testimony on B I's case
      Duration: 2:11

    17. Fans Are Freaking Out About Han Seo Hee And Astro’s Eunwoo
      Duration: 3:01

    18. Han Seo Hee infuriates many by claiming to meet BTS V in a nightclub at the age of 19
      Duration: 3:07

    19. [K-NEWS] Trainee Idol "Han Seo Hee" Officially Has Been Diagnosed With Mental Illness
      Duration: 3:14

    20. Yang Hyun Suk Keluar dari YG Entertainment, Pengakuan Han Seo Hee, Pendapat K-Net & Kelanjutan B.I
      Duration: 15:57