John Bel Edwards

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John Bel Edwards Video Embed List

    1. Governor John Bel Edwards win re-election in Lousiana governor's race
      Duration: 0:20

    2. Dee-1 Interviews Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards
      Duration: 32:22

    3. Full Interview: Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards
      Duration: 6:11

    4. Louisiana Democratic Governor defeats Trump-backed businessman, CNN projects
      Duration: 2:16

    5. John Bel Edwards speaks after winning re-election as Louisiana's governor
      Duration: 11:52

    6. Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards implores LSU fans to 'savor' this special season
      Duration: 2:27

    7. Governor Edwards victory speech
      Duration: 5:37

    8. Dee-1 Interviews Louisiana Governor on Prisons, Violent Crime, Race Relations
      Duration: 32:22

    9. Louisiana's Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards Wins Re-Election | TIME
      Duration: 0:43

    10. Democrats win Louisiana governor's race in fresh blow to Donald Trump
      Duration: 1:28

    11. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards announces New Orleans as the home of WrestleMania in 2018
      Duration: 1:17

    12. President Trump rallies against Governor Edwards
      Duration: 3:51

    13. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Thanks Mormons For Flood Cleanup
      Duration: 5:13

    14. Eddie Rispone conceeds to Governor John Bel Edwards
      Duration: 2:15

    15. Edwards, Rispone square off in only Louisiana runoff debate
      Duration: 1:49

    16. Eddie Rispone concedes Louisiana governor's race to Democrat John Bel Edwards
      Duration: 4:19

    17. Gov. John Bel Edwards playing offense with new attack ads before runoff
      Duration: 3:18

    18. President Trump blasts Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards
      Duration: 5:02

    19. Meet John Bel Edwards: the pro-life Catholic governor of Louisiana. (He's also a democrat.)
      Duration: 17:12