Kaepernick Workout

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Kaepernick Workout Video Embed List

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      Duration: 39:44

    2. Colin Kaepernick didn’t help himself with his workout – Chris Mortensen | NFL Countdown
      Duration: 4:21

    3. Colin Kaepernick's workout 'reeks of a PR stunt,' it was clearly orchestrated - Stephen A. | Get Up
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    4. Colin Kaepernick "in shape and ready" for NFL workout
      Duration: 1:37

    5. Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout abruptly moved over transparency concerns
      Duration: 4:25

    6. LIVE replay |Colin Kaepernick workout in metro Atlanta
      Duration: 1:53:12

    7. Did Colin Kaepernick workout help another player get signed by NFL?
      Duration: 0:57

    8. Colin Kaepernick & Odell Beckham Jr Held a Private Workout at UCLA
      Duration: 1:01

    9. WATCH | Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick holding workout in Georgia.
      Duration: 1:09:30

    10. Colin Kaepernick SHOCKED NFL Wouldn't Allow Media, Pulls Up To New Location For New Workout
      Duration: 3:00

    11. Colin Kaepernick Is Getting READY for NFL Comeback!
      Duration: 2:38

    12. Live - Colin Kaepernick Workout in Metro Atlanta
      Duration: 1:03:52

    13. Colin Kaepernick holds workout for NFL teams | ABC News
      Duration: 2:21

    14. The Truth About Colin Kaepernick's NFL Workout
      Duration: 7:39

    15. Jay-Z Disappointed with Colin Kaepernick, Workout Became 'Publicity Stunt' | TMZ TV
      Duration: 1:43

    16. Colin Kaepernick workout: Is it legitimate or a sham? Greg, Skip & Shannon discuss
      Duration: 11:15

    17. Does Colin Kaepernick’s workout video help his NFL comeback chances? | First Take
      Duration: 6:43

      Duration: 4:44

    19. UNDISPUTED - Biggest takeaway from Colin Kaepernick's workout this weekend?
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    20. Both sides to blame in Colin Kaepernick workout fiasco | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports
      Duration: 12:01