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Trump Twitter Video Embed List

    1. President Donald Trump Lashes Out At FBI Director On Twitter | Morning Joe | MSNBC
      Duration: 1:28

    2. Trump vs. Twitter
      Duration: 9:38

    3. Why President Donald Trump's Twitter typos matter
      Duration: 4:32

    4. President Donald Trump ATTACKS Chrissy Teigen on Twitter and She's Not Having It
      Duration: 2:47

    5. Trump’s Twitter Engagement Is Down, and Trevor Is Here to Help | The Daily Show
      Duration: 3:45

    6. Kids Tour the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library | The Daily Show
      Duration: 4:08

    7. Trump Attacks John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on Twitter
      Duration: 5:06

    8. Trump Throws a Tantrum Over Twitter Followers and Tests the Power of Congress | The Daily Show
      Duration: 6:52

    9. The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library Takes D.C. | The Daily Show
      Duration: 1:38

    10. President Donald Trump Unleashes On House Democrats On Twitter | NBC Nightly News
      Duration: 3:41

    11. Trump tweets attack on Marie Yovanovitch during hearing
      Duration: 5:38

    12. Kamala Harris says Trump's Twitter account should be suspended
      Duration: 8:07

    13. Trump mocked Kamala Harris on Twitter. She hit back
      Duration: 3:03

    14. How (And Why) Donald Trump Tweets
      Duration: 6:46

    15. Trump's tweets during impeachment hearing a 'colossal mistake': Presidential historian
      Duration: 5:38

    16. What’s The Danger Behind President Donald Trump’s Twitter Account? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
      Duration: 4:01

    17. Donald Trump's Twitter Gets Roasted By Jonathan Pie
      Duration: 7:25

    18. Trump Jumps Head First Into Dog Twitter
      Duration: 4:35

    19. A Judge Ruled Trump Can't Block People On Twitter Anymore
      Duration: 5:11

    20. Arnold Schwarzenegger hits Trump on Twitter
      Duration: 1:20